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In order to meet the pressing demands of the industry we also started our trading division dealing with NDT related equipments and accessories.

We deal in NDT equipments like

Lux meter : To check light intensity.

A lux meter is a device for measuring brightness. It specifically measures the intensity with which the brightness appears to the human eye. This is different than measurements of the actual light energy produced by or reflected from an object or light source.

Paint coating meter : To check paint coating thickness.
Ultrasonic thickness meter – D meter : To check the thickness of any metal.

Ultrasonic thickness meter (UTM) is used to perform non-destructive measurement (gauging) of the local thickness of a solid element (typically made of metal, if using ultrasound testing for industrial purposes) basing on the time taken by the ultrasound wave to return to the surface. This type of measurement is typically performed with an ultrasonic thickness gauge.

Vibration meter : To check the vibration of the equipment.

Vibration Meters measure vibration in velocity, acceleration, RMS, peak-to-peak and displacement. A vibration meter can be used to monitor and diagnose problems in bearings, machines, engines and more.

UV meter : To check the ultraviolet light intensity.

An ultraviolet meter is a measuring device which is sensitive to ultraviolet light. Many UV meters come with a range of sensitivities, depending on the settings where they are intended to be used.

Ultrasonic probes for flaw detection : all type of probes – normal, twin & angle.
Digital thermometer : To check the job temperature and liquid temperature (Used in Liquid Penetration testing)

Digital thermometers are temperature-sensing instruments that are easily portable, have permanent probes, and a convenient digital display. Digital Thermometer

Ultra-sonic cellulose couplant gel
Ultra-sonic high temperature couplant

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